Moments captured from REaD Panel Discussion

National Reading Highway

Dr Saha spoke about hitching on to aNational Reading Highway and layingReading Milestones on this nationalgrid.

World of Phonics has thedevelopmental continuum whereinthe reading milestones are mappedfrom Nursery till Level 2/UKG and canbe used to build on further classes.

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Phonics Developmental Continuum

Reading: SMELL

Going Beyond the Curriculum & Viraat Poem

Processes to prepare the reader

Sonia Relia offered her audience arange of tools, techniques andprocesses to hook young listenersand readers, keeping her discussionfocused on the 5 domains thatscaffold reading.

My Learning Train is designed witheverything NEP is talking about:activity kit, activity bank, story bank,rhyme bank, vocabulary bank,animations, videos, audios, teachermanuals, parent support, inclusion offolk tools and Indian story tellingtechniques, flashcards, board games– hands-on blended with digital. Thecourse adapts to cover the 5 domainsand intelligences of the child.

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Brochure Activity Kit
Parent videoActivity Guides for parents 1
Activity Guides for parents 2Activity Guides for parents 3
Activity Guides for parents 4Activity Guides for parents 5
Activity Guides for parents 6Activity Guides for parents 7
Activity Guides for parents 8Activity Guides for parents 9
Activity Guides for parents 10Activity Guides for parents 11
Activity Guides for parents 12Activity Guides for parents 13

Process Oriented Extensive Reading Programs

Dr Shayama Chona spoke about whyschools need to focus more onlistening and reading literature ratherthan writing at the foundationalstage, which eventually leads to rotememorization of answers.

My Learning Train has more than 400audios and 85 animations with voiceovers for listening that not onlybenefit children, but also helpteachers from different parts of thecountry in pronunciation. The audiosare further related to activities. Eachbook is enabled with flashcards thatare a very useful tool for wordbuilding and reading.

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Engaging Readers in a Digital Media

Rajiv Chilaka felt the use oftechnology needed to be harnessedoptimally since students were alreadyimmersed in it in using a multitude oftools, and it provided teachers with amuch-needed respite, in many ways.

All My Learning Train stories aredivided into 6-8 illustrations andgraphics, and sentences can beisolated as stand-alone reading textsas children grow. Sequencing cards have been created for the samepurpose with more than 125 storyposters!

Resource :
Story Bank and Posters 1Story Bank and Posters 2
Story Bank and Posters 3Sequencing cards

Combining digital and print resources to develop life-long readers

Andrea Quincey spoke of how thedigital and print media can becombined to draw learners toreading, since both have theirrespective advantages. She cited theexamples of reading buddies andavatars offered by digital books asproviding time-pressed teacherseffective alternatives for supportingstudents during reading.

My Learning Train is a blend of both,and the number of resources isremarkable - 180 + videos, 800worksheets, audios, Oxford Educateand AREAL which give teachers accessto the complete digital books ofWorld of Phonics and World ofColours.

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BrochureActivity Kit