Why Oxford STAR?

 Competency Framework

The Oxford STAR Competency Framework

·     Holistic in nature and can be applied to all levels of education and across varied subjects

·     Encompasses the domains of learning and development

·     Mapped to the revised adaptation of cognitive taxonomy redefined by Anderson and Krathwohl in 2000-2001

·      Aligned to NCF, 21st century skills and behavioural competencies

·      Defines a set of core interconnected competencies in a structured form. Each competency is further described by a set of skills and sub-skills that indicate the natural thinking progression of individuals.

·      Includes over 50 competencies and skills

·       Extensively researched and validated

·       This framework is constructed by a galaxy of stars – doctorates, educationists, experienced practitioners, and reviewed and validated by expert committee set up by the SNDT Women’s University.