Oxford STAR - Question Mapping

Items are tagged to the competencies and sub-competencies defined in the framework and topics, learning outcomes, difficulty levels and learning levels. Rigorously benchmarked, the items are calibrated through Item Response Theory (IRT).

Sample Assessment Question

Read the passage and answer the question.

Every day, as he walked home after work, Mehum gazed appreciatively at the open sky taking deep, long breaths of fresh air. He never failed to feel grateful for this. On reaching home, he took off his large blackened boots before stepping into the house. Wheezing slightly, he took off his helment and dirty overalls, covered in soot, and put them into a bag. He then went straight to the shower to be ‘presentable' before dinner.

Mehum is a/an...............

a) fireman  b) miner

c) chimney sweeper    d) auto mechanic

Mapping Question