Oxford STAR - Reporting Tool

Improves Learning Curve of Students

After taking the Oxford STAR test, students, parents, teachers, and principals get a detailed, flexible and highly informative score report that not just lists the subject scores but also breaks those scores down by competency and level of difficulty across topics.

Students can see their areas of strength and potential areas of improvement, and also get recommendations on how to improve their competencies and skills.

The Personality Report can be used by the parents and teachers to understand the behavioural pattern of the children and their learning orientations.

The behavioural outcomes along with the scholastic outcomes can be used by the parents to understand how their children are thinking, and they can also help them to improve by choosing tasks and learning materials of appropriate levels of difficulty and challenge. As mentioned by Hattie’s research paper, when evidence-based models are used, and student data is graphed against previous results rather than merely recorded, the effects on student achievement are higher.